Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sao Paulo Gay Pride 2011 (Photo Sabotage!)

Since I wrote my last blog a few weeks back, Sao Paulo gay pride rolled into town! Last Sunday was the biggest gay pride in the world, with about 4 million people out on the streets. I have not been to a gay pride outside of Sao Paulo, so I'm not sure how similar it is to other 'pride' events out there. But it was very similar to the 'blocos' I went to during Rio carnival, in that large lorries would drive very slowly down the street, pumping out dance music...and everyone would follow. On top of these lorries were mainly dancing guys wearing speedos, with bodies very similar to mine...obviously!

I had planned to stay for just a few hours, take a few pictures of some horrendous trannies and be home in time for tea....but I ended up staying much longer because despite the rain, there was a great party atmosphere. Perhaps the most random thing that happened was documented by this picture.

Of course there were a load of transvestites out to party; there were actually times when I felt like I was in some kind of transvestite zoo! Along with a lot of other snap-happy party goers, I took plenty of pictures of the (mainly bad) transvestites! I guess if you are a big exhibitionist and into dressing flamboyantly, gay pride must be your idea of heaven, because it really is an attention seekers paradise! One tranny in particular had me reaching for my camera, to make sure I had a picture before he had chance to disappear into the crowd.
So this guy was dressed as a ballet dancer, and had the whole ballet get-up on. However, he was really going all out to be noticed in his tu-tu, and he was walking around on his tip toes. He actually looked like he was in pain as he was tottering around, trying to draw attention to himself. So naturally, he was very happy to pose for a picture with me and my friend Bruno! Just as my friend Kiko was about to take the picture, the ballet tranny’s friend came running over. This transvestite was wearing some kind of slutty marching band outfit, and without saying a word, he dramatically did the splits in front of us.
Sensing Kodak gold, an excited woman (who as you can see, could quite easily have passed for a Brazilian bag woman) ran over just in time for the picture to be taken. So there was me and my friend Bruno, ballet tranny, splits tranny and random bag woman all posing for this picture (above). The reason I love this picture is because, by splits tranny doing the splits, she has made sure ballet tranny’s really pointy feet can’t be seen (the reason I wanted this picture!).
I’d like to think this was done deliberately, ands that splits tranny was being malicious!
After this picture was taken, and as we all started to break the pose, splits tranny was still in the splits position and needed a bit of help to get up....not surprising! But when he eventually got up, he looked mortified! In his rush to be the main focus of my picture, he had forgotten that it had been raining quite a lot, and that the road still had a lot of rain on it. His beige knickers were now soaking and a bit wet! Well, when I say a bit, I am lying....they were a lot wet, and he definitely looked like he had just wet himself in his cheerleading knickers. I couldn’t help but laugh a lot at his sad face, yet at the same time 100% admire him for doing the splits just for my picture!

As I walked off I wondered if ballet tranny would have been angry with splits tranny for stealing the limelight and would now be just a few minutes away from kicking splits tranny's wet ass.....with her toes and feet perfectly positioned!

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